When I’m 64

I turned 63 years of age today and spent most of the day in bed watching my two favorite tech shows, The Tech Guy and This Week in Technology, just like I do most Sundays.

Birthdays aren’t the special days they used to be when I was younger and that’s probably true for most of us. Still, I’m looking forward to turning 64 next year.

I think my last birthday of note was 30 when I went to Akashi Japanese Restaurant in South Miami with my sister, brother(-in-law) and two now former friends. It’s very different today than it was back then when each table featured an T Gauge miniature railroad complete with scenery under a glass top. My family and I used to go there often back when my mother’s brother was the founder and CEO of Auto Train Corporation.

Today is the era of Uber Eats and since my favorite restaurants are closed today, I blew my diet out of the water with three half-foot subs (meatball, tuna and Italian) and three oatmeal raisin cookies from a local Subway.

Happy birthday to me. Yay.