Dinner @ Two Chefs

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Saturday nights are my appetizer nights, but I wasn’t very hungry so I only had two appetizers instead of the usual three.

I still managed to spend three hours there reading the NYT and my latest book, “The Heartland: An American History” by Kristin L. Hoganson.

Steak tartare with french fries. Fried pork rinds with chipotle sauce. Pistachio souffle with vanilla ice cream and a triple espresso con lechce.

Dinner @ Two Chefs

Friday, May 24, 2019

“Classic” Caesar salad with Swiss cheese. It’s not classic, but it is very good.

New York strip steak with escargot Bolognese and steak fries. Asked for a rare-plus steak and got medium-well instead. The fries were and always are amazing.

My “classic” dessert of a triple espresso con leche and a scoop each of vanilla and chocolate ice cream.

Sat at the bar after dinner playing Wordscapes for 20 minutes, all to help someone else rack-up some points and ever higher levels. It’s a fun game, but I’m only on level 104 while they’re at 195.

Did I mention that screaming babies at a fancy restaurant are annoying? They are.

Dinner @ Two Chefs

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

It was very slow tonight and while I doubt Jan was happy about the slow night, I relished in the relative quietness of the place. In all the years I’ve been eating here, tonight was the first time I tried one of their flat bread pizzas. It will also be the last time I try one of their pizza. Why? Because they aren’t sauced. Everything else was as good as it always it.

Miami Drivers

What can I say? Despite having my turn signal on — yes I still use them — and slowing down to make a left turn onto my property, the idiot behind me decided to go around me on the left side and caused damage all down the driver side of my car.

Dinner @ Two Chefs

Saturday, May 18, 2019

The place was packed tonight, but thankfully there were no screaming children. Judge Lawrence King, Jr. and his wife Ann were eating at the bar along with the dean of UM’s music school, Shelton Berg and his wife. After dinner we reminisced about the good old days when classic rock was still new rock. Judge King’s stories were the best and involved several famous southern rockers.

Captain’s Tavern’s Roaches

Captain’s Tavern, a restaurant I’ve been going to at least once a week for 48 years, was closed by the health department on April 16, 2019 after many months of repeated health code violations.

Sure it passed inspection well enough to reopen the next day, but many of the same long-standing issues persisted.

It was closed almost exactly a year ago for many of the same issues that get mentioned in every inspection so I don’t understand why they’ve been allowed to get away with this for so many years.

I haven’t been there since the most recent closing and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to go back. Several other longtime customers and friends of mine that I see in other restaurants feel the same way.

In my opinion, the only way to resolve this is for them to close for awhile and completely renovate the food preparation areas. I hope they do that because I can’t imagine not ever being able to eat at a restaurant I’ve loved and felt very loyal to.